Sand Products

Premium Soils delivers a variety of sand products including:

  • Agricultural Bedding/Arena Sand
    • Silt free river sand, suitable for use as bedding material and arenas/paddocks. 0.5mm-1.5mm, low dust properties.
  • Pit Sand
    • A course or sharp sand, extracted from underneath the ground. Suitable for concrete and construction projects.
  • River Sand
    • Fraser River sand, has excellent free draining properties. Suitable for preloading applications and backfills.
  • Topdressing Sand
    • Reduces thatch on lawns, free draining 3mm river sand. Suitable for topdressing on golf courses
  • Sechelt Sand
    • Compactable, free draining sand. Ideal for paving stones, pipe bedding and road construction uses.
  • Septic Sand
    • Suitable for drainage fields or sewage mounds. Reduces the rat of biomat clogging.
  • Washed Sands and more…

Please contact us for more information about our available sand products.

Available in bulk, some types may be available in tote bags.