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Green Roof Growing Media

Green roofs are designated as extensive, semi-intensive, or intensive. The designation depends on their depth, type of vegetative cover, and function. When saturated, bulk densities, air water holding capacities, permeability rates and soil structure all matter for green roof application. We can provide you with the right blend of green roof growing media for your project, big or small.

  • Extensive – These roofs are low maintenance, incorporating small plants and greenery that grow well in lightweight and shallow growing medium with little to no irrigation requirements. This is the simplest form of green roof.
  • Semi-intensive – These roofs require moderate maintenance and can vary between more Extensive or Intensive. They generally incorporate some larger shrubs and trees while being primarily made up of smaller plants.
  • Intensive – These roofs can be quite complex, incorporating a variety of trees and shrubs as well as walkways for regular access to the roof. Intensive roofs are deeper and heavier than other green roofs, with irrigation systems, drainage, root barriers and more bring required.

Available in Tote Bags or Bulk.

Structural Soil

Structural Soil is made from 40-75mm (1.5” – 3”) clear blasted rock, soil and stabilizer. It is intended for street side tree planting as it stops tree roots from lifting curbs and sidewalks along roadways. Structural soil contains larger solid particles and provides more structure that normal soil. These added solid particles create a firm structural base while allowing plant and tree roots to weave around the soil pockets.

Available in Bulk.

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