Wood Chip BioFilters

Premium Soils provides installation and remediation services for wood-chip biofilter systems.

Wood chip biofilters are designed to remove pollutants and odors from the air created by industrial, manufacturing and composting operations. Air is exhausted by a fan from the operation and distributes through the biofilter media. Microorganisms attached to the organic media oxidize or convert the biodegradable gases into carbon dioxide, water, biomass and mineral salts, leaving clean air to exhaust from the biofilter.


Premium Soils can supply the aggregates and wood products needed to set up or remediate your open bed biofilters system.

  • Round Rock/Structural Stone
  • Hardwood Split Firewood
  • 2″ plus Wood Chips

Installation & Remediation

Premium Soils has the experience and the equipment to provide installation and remediatation of the aggregates and organic materials used in open bed, wood-chip based, biofilter systems. When remediating existing biofilter systems, the spent wood chips are removed and run through our screener on-site so that we can save as much exisiting material as possible for re-use. This ensures that existing microorganisms remain present in the biofilter reducing the biological conditioning period. Any material that cannot be re-used is then disposed of and replaced with new material.


Premium Soils Ltd quotes each project on an individual basis, please call or email us today for more information on our biofiltration services.