Peat Humus

100% Pure Black Peat for ultimate mushroom production!

Premium Soils Ltd is a speciality supplier of black peat humus. Our peat is extracted, screened and sold by us from right here in the Lower Mainland of BC!

Extracted from the deepest layers of peat fields, black peat humus is darker in color, denser, and finer in texture when compared to spaghum peat moss. Our peat is heavily used in mushroom casing mixes, as well as for restoring native soil on farmlands or reparian areas where high silt, clay & organic matter contents are required. With a naturally low pH range, this peat can also be used as an amendment in fields, raised beds and planters for acidic loving plants such as blueberries, heathers, rhododendrons and azaleas.

Minimum order is 16 yards for bulk.

Delivery within British Columbia:

  • Premium Soils can deliver both bulk material or tote bags within BC. We can ship via truck & transfer or walking floor, enclosed van or flat deck.

Delivery across Canada & USA:

  • Premium Soils can deliver tote bags of our peat across Canada and the USA. Shipping methods will depend on location, either by road (enclosed van or flat deck) or rail (intermodal container or railcar).
Black Peat Humus